Friday, March 22, 2013

Girl Tunic

This is the Sis Boom Sophie Tunic Pattern.  I've made about 8 of these; modified slightly for manliness for Strapping Young Lad.  (FYI, this is a simple, accurate pattern to follow. I do reccommend it.)

Meanwhile, this is the first such tunic that I've made for Baby Girl.  She loves purple right now, and of course I don't really have any purple except for the scrap of the lining that you can see I used.

I love it for a swimsuit cover-up.  Or any number of things really.  I can see it smeared with marshmallow as we spend quality time around a bonfire.

She is a size 3T and I did make this in a 4T as sometimes I've had a difficult time getting this particular pattern to pop over Little People's heads.

 Though in fairness to the pattern sizing,  Baby Girl's head size is in the 80% (according to her pediatrician), so it might be more accurately sized for people with smaller heads!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


A long time ago, my Mom took a picture of me wearing a Mennonite empire-waist dress in front of a wild clump of tiger lilies.  I wore braids and was barefoot.  I was grinning like a fool.
The dress actually belonged to my best little girl friend....there were two of these dresses and we matched.  We both had deep roots from Lancaster Cty, PA and a family history of "Plain" or Mennonite.
The dress was a bright green calico.  I have kept an eye out for a similiar fabric ever since I began sewing in earnest in my adulthood... the bright green calico is nostalgic to me of braids, barefeet, and the easy happiness of matching your like-minded best girl friend.
Meanwhile, I've not stumbled across anything quite like that fabric.
I decided to make Baby Girl a play dress from a dark, green floral fabric that I've had for years and years.  (Now, mind you...there's no comparison to the calico-from-the-past; the one I used now borderlines on army-drab-green, but I think I threw enough other color elements/patterns in there to balance that)
This is a ModKid pattern: Isabel.  I've used it before and like it.

I was hit with an urgent need to make a few Wearables for Baby Girl, this winter, and this was the first of a long line of things that were made.
I also behaved myself and used only fabrics from my stash and repurposed old clothing. (No new fabric purchases!)
The dress turned out sweetly, I believe.  It's cuter in real-life.  It'll hold up well to grass-stains, mud, and the stains that come from taking a bareback ride on a not-so-clean hairy horse.
Which suits Baby Girl just fine.