Friday, March 22, 2013

Girl Tunic

This is the Sis Boom Sophie Tunic Pattern.  I've made about 8 of these; modified slightly for manliness for Strapping Young Lad.  (FYI, this is a simple, accurate pattern to follow. I do reccommend it.)

Meanwhile, this is the first such tunic that I've made for Baby Girl.  She loves purple right now, and of course I don't really have any purple except for the scrap of the lining that you can see I used.

I love it for a swimsuit cover-up.  Or any number of things really.  I can see it smeared with marshmallow as we spend quality time around a bonfire.

She is a size 3T and I did make this in a 4T as sometimes I've had a difficult time getting this particular pattern to pop over Little People's heads.

 Though in fairness to the pattern sizing,  Baby Girl's head size is in the 80% (according to her pediatrician), so it might be more accurately sized for people with smaller heads!

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