Thursday, July 25, 2013

Boho Fairy Dresses

I used the Juliette pattern by Violette Field Thread to make two sets of this little slip/cover-up.
The yellow/cream/green was for Baby Girl.
The shabby chic pink and green was for my little niece.

The slip for the pink set was made from an embroidered tablecloth.  I love the detail.

My critique for this pattern is "critical" for the sizing and slip-design.  Baby Girl wears a 3/4 and we had a fit of frustrated anger as I had her try my niece's size 5 on...because her elbows got stuck and we couldn't wedge the slip on or off.
So I added a side zipper, which isn't part of the pattern.  But I can't imagine these girls getting them on and off without the zipper.
And there is something...lacking...about the slip.  It should be fuller, perhaps have side slits.."something"...; it is somewhat confining in its "cut."
But the set is very darling once on the Little Miss, flaring temper and ease-of-fit issues aside (ha ha!!).
And of course, I had to make garlands from silk flowers to go with each to complete the affair.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Boys Hoodie Tunic

I made this Hoodie for Strapping Young Lad using the Luka Hoodie pattern from the book Sewing for Boys.

I made this using "recycled" fabric from other clothing.  The flannel liner is a purchased fabric.  I wouldn't want to make this using expensive quilting cotton...I could buy it just as easily as make it for less money than if I had bought the fabric.  It uses quite a bit of yardage!

The pattern directions were obtuse for a few steps and there was one actual error.  I googled this pattern and found that I wasn't alone in my frustrations regarding pattern errors.
But if you have some sewing experience, you wouldn't have a problem completing the jacket by relying on basic skills (knowing how to add the liner, etc)

It is sized as a 6/7 and I would say that it is generous in size.  I'm pleased.  My kiddo is pleased.

The project is not difficult, but I'd not recommend it for a beginner though only because of the pattern's lack of clarity. 
And as for the finished product, I'd wear it if I could. :)

Friday, July 5, 2013

Flannel Pinwheel Quilt

 So this was the year of "Finishing." Finishing large projects, miscellaneous projects...
This pinwheel quilt is for Baby Girl's twin-size bed.  She just turned three and in defense of the timeframe for completing the is very, VERY difficult to find flannel fabric that isn't plastered with ducks, teddy bears... or pink.
I found between 2-3 fabrics a year that fit into the color scheme so I just had to piece it as I found more fabric.
I quilted it simply "in the ditch."

And I have become very fond of a pieced backing for quilts.  Economical and far more interesting than a solid piece of fabric.
I really wanted something pretty and soft for my Precious Girl, and this quilt is very much what I had in mind.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Doll House DIY

I got the idea to turn this:
Into this:
From this little website:
  I basically did the same thing for the construction, but I used fabric with mod podge instead of paper.

This was for Baby Girl's birthday present.