Thursday, July 25, 2013

Boho Fairy Dresses

I used the Juliette pattern by Violette Field Thread to make two sets of this little slip/cover-up.
The yellow/cream/green was for Baby Girl.
The shabby chic pink and green was for my little niece.

The slip for the pink set was made from an embroidered tablecloth.  I love the detail.

My critique for this pattern is "critical" for the sizing and slip-design.  Baby Girl wears a 3/4 and we had a fit of frustrated anger as I had her try my niece's size 5 on...because her elbows got stuck and we couldn't wedge the slip on or off.
So I added a side zipper, which isn't part of the pattern.  But I can't imagine these girls getting them on and off without the zipper.
And there is something...lacking...about the slip.  It should be fuller, perhaps have side slits.."something"...; it is somewhat confining in its "cut."
But the set is very darling once on the Little Miss, flaring temper and ease-of-fit issues aside (ha ha!!).
And of course, I had to make garlands from silk flowers to go with each to complete the affair.

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