Monday, July 22, 2013

Boys Hoodie Tunic

I made this Hoodie for Strapping Young Lad using the Luka Hoodie pattern from the book Sewing for Boys.

I made this using "recycled" fabric from other clothing.  The flannel liner is a purchased fabric.  I wouldn't want to make this using expensive quilting cotton...I could buy it just as easily as make it for less money than if I had bought the fabric.  It uses quite a bit of yardage!

The pattern directions were obtuse for a few steps and there was one actual error.  I googled this pattern and found that I wasn't alone in my frustrations regarding pattern errors.
But if you have some sewing experience, you wouldn't have a problem completing the jacket by relying on basic skills (knowing how to add the liner, etc)

It is sized as a 6/7 and I would say that it is generous in size.  I'm pleased.  My kiddo is pleased.

The project is not difficult, but I'd not recommend it for a beginner though only because of the pattern's lack of clarity. 
And as for the finished product, I'd wear it if I could. :)

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