Saturday, August 24, 2013

And Baby Makes 5

In June, we had another child.  During the months of waiting for him, I enjoyed reading the Birth Stories of other women.  There is a link up of them here at Camp Patton. Birthing is a tricky business and I respect all who have done it; no matter what their path looked like (natural, c-section, etc...).  I love to hear other women's experiences.  Birth is such a fine, raw line between New Life or End of Life; a dangerous, miraculous balance for Mom and Baby.

Meanwhile, it inspired me to write the story of Birth Day for each of my children.  I haven't yet...(I will).  I've been enjoying the journey and the sacredness of ushering our little boy into the Beginning of his Days.

I've been Quiet...just living and thinking in my heart.

Strapping Young Lad and Baby Girl were born prematurely and we walked down some shadowy roads until they were safe at home with us, in our arms.

So this time, with a healthy baby, and a (barely) timely birth...
I mean, I spent 2 of some of the best days of my life just holding him in the hospital. The nurses would ask..."Are you sure you don't want us to put him in the nursery so you can rest?"

"No, no, that won't be necessary."

For two days, I sat quietly with him.  And smiled.  Beamed, rather.  Didn't sleep much, didn't need to;
 I was resting.

And the beauty of him
The tremendous gift (and responsibility) that is him

When I came home from the hospital with him, I found myself wishing for Ceremony
Some way of prostrating myself Face Down
To show my Deep gratitude 
to God

Looking for Some Act
Like the Israelites did
with a sacrifice or memorial
So as not to forget
What God Did Here
(for me, for us, for him)

Maybe that's why some people plant trees in honor of a new baby...

Anyway, I'll post more about The Day later.

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  1. Love! Love! Love! And oh, so beautiful!! kls